• The Benefit Debit Card

    Use the benefit debit card to deducts charges for qualified purchases from your FSA or HRA account. You can use card at any health-related business that accepts MasterCard®.

    How does it work?

    Step One: Charge it!
    Use your benefit debit card, instead of check or cash, to pay for health-related expenses at your doctor’s office or pharmacy.

    Step Two: Check your receipt.
    Before you leave the doctor’s office or pharmacy, look at your receipt to ensure that it shows the following information:

    1. Date of service or purchase date
    2. Brief description of the item or service
    3. Patient responsibility (the amount you paid), after the insurance has paid (if they were billed)

    If your receipt is incomplete, ask the provider to print out a receipt showing all three pieces of information.

    Step Three: Save your receipt.
    Unlike most pharmacies, healthcare providers do not have a specialized inventory system in place that allows us to determine what you purchased. If we are unable to auto-match your purchase, we will contact you to ask for a copy of your documentation to substantiate the transaction.

    Help us save paper!

    In an effort to be more environmentally responsible, we send your benefit debit card letters via email. Please take a moment to make sure we have your current email address. 

    To update your email address, log into the FSA/HRA portal and go to the profile section, or email us at psacustomerservice@pacificsource.com. If we don't have your email on record, notices will be sent by regular mail.


    Feel free to contact us:

    Email: psacustomerservice@pacificsource.com
    Phone: (541) 485-7488
    Toll-free: (800) 422-7038