• FSA - Health Related Expense (HRE) Account FAQ

    How do I submit a claim?  

    Complete and sign a Request for Reimbursement from FSA or HRA form  or log into our FSA/HRA portal and submit a claim along with your documentation.

    How do I receive my reimbursements by direct deposit?

    You may sign up for direct deposit:

    1. Sign up through the FSA/HRA portal.
    2. Complete our Direct Deposit form and mail or fax it to us.

    When do I have access to my full election?

    Once you make your annual election during open enrollment and are set up in our system, you have access to the entire annual election at the beginning of the plan year. Your employer will then deduct the election amount from your paychecks in equal amounts throughout the year.

    What if I have money left in my account at the end of the year?

    Under current IRS regulations you either need to use up the funds for services during your plan year or you will lose them. Also under the IRS regulations, any funds remaining in the account at the end of the coverage period are forfeited and cannot be returned to you. There are no exceptions to this rule. We will send you a year-end reminder letter letting you know how much you still need to claim before the plan year ends, but it is your responsibility to keep track of the remaining balance so that you use up the funds.

    Can I change my election amount if I use up all the funds in my account before the end of the year?

    No. You can only change the amount you are contributing if 1) your company allows changes to the plan, and 2) you have a qualifying life event, such as birth or adoption of a child, marriage, divorce, or death of a spouse. Please contact your Human Resources Department to find out if changes are allowed, or contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 422-7038.

    Are over-the-counter (OTC) weight-loss items eligible?

    Yes. However, you will need to submit a doctor’s statement with your reimbursement request verifying what the medical condition is necessitating the weight loss, what the specific weight loss item is, and how long the provider thinks you will need to use the item. Keep in mind, an FSA will not pay for the cost of food supported by a weight-loss program.

    What is a Letter of Medical Necessity or Doctor’s Statement?

    If your doctor or medical provider wants you to pursue a particular treatment method that may not be considered medically necessary you will be asked to supply a letter from the medical provider detailing what the medical condition you are suffering from, what the specific treatment is, and how long they expect you will need the treatment. Examples of items that would require the letter are vitamins/supplements, massage, exercise bikes, orthopedic shoes, weight loss programs, or a hot tub. Download the Letter of Medical Necessity form to take with you to your provider’s office for your convenience.

    What if I leave the company or retire during the year and still have money in my account?

    There are two ways this is handled so you will need to contact your employer or our Customer Service Department at (800) 422-7038 to find out which way applies to you. 

    • If your account is fully funded out of the last paycheck you receive, then you will have access to your account funds. You will still be able to claim for services that happen throughout the plan year both before your employment terminated and after. However, your debit card will be closed and all claims will need to be submitted manually, either via the FSA/HRA portal or on paper.
    • If the employer does not collect the remaining amount to fully fund your account out of your last paycheck, you will be restricted to claiming for services that happened prior to your terminating with the company. Any expenses incurred after you left the company will not be eligible for reimbursement even if you still have money left in the account.

    What is the grace period?

    The grace period is an extra 2.5 months added to the end of your plan year to continue to incur expenses against the last plan year. Your employer must elect the grace period in order for you to participate. For example, your plan year normally runs from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012, but this year the employer opted to add the grace period. Now you can submit for expenses incurred January 1, 2012 through March 15, 2013, and have the extra time to use up any remaining funds from the last year.

    How will I know what items and services are covered under the FSA?

     View our list of eligible expenses. If you have any questions about an item you do not see listed please call Customer Service at (800) 422-7038.

    Where can I obtain additional reimbursement forms?

    You may download additional forms from our Forms page.

    Are gym memberships eligible?

    Only in limited circumstances. A letter from your medical provider stating what the medical condition is necessitating the gym membership, and how long they expect you will need to continue going is required. Along with the request form and the doctor’s letter, you will need to submit an itemization of all of the days that you attended the gym during the month in order to be reimbursed. If you belonged to the gym before being diagnosed, then the joining fees would not qualify.