• Find a Provider

    Your benefit plan uses one of the following provider networks. To find a provider:  

    Step 1: Find the network that's associated with your plan.

    You'll find the logo of your plan's provider on your benefit ID card, in the upper-right corner of the front side.  

    Step 2: Click below on the logo of your plan's provider network. 

    You'll be transferred to the network's online provider directory, where you can follow the onscreen instructions. 

      PS Logo No Descriptor  
    PacificSource Provider Directory  

    First Health Network

    First Health Network (FHN)  

      Interwest Health  



    Use the PacificSource Provider Directory and select BrightPath from the "Plan Accepted" drop-down menu.

    Providence Health System

    Providence Preferred

    If you need further assistance, you are welcome to contact us