• Premium Only Plan FAQ

    What kind of savings can I expect to realize?

    By participating in the Premium Only Plan (POP), you can save in federal, state and FICA taxes—that's up to a 30 percent savings, depending on your actual tax rate.

    What kinds of premiums are eligible under the POP?

    All medical, dental and vision premiums deducted from your paycheck for yourself and any dependents you are covering are eligible to be pre-taxed.

    How do I sign up?

    There are several options that your employer has to choose from for POP enrollment. Check with your HR Department.

    Once you have been enrolled, you can just sit back and enjoy your tax savings.

    What if my premiums change during the year?

    No need to worry! Since the pre-taxing of your premium is a payroll function, once your employer makes the change to your payroll system, the new amount will have the same pre-tax benefit.

    How do I submit a claim?

    The tax saving you receive is your benefit. There are no reimbursement forms to fill out.

    How do I receive my reimbursements by direct deposit?

    You may sign up for direct deposit:

    1. Sign up through the FSA/HRA portal.
    2. Complete our Direct Deposit form and mail or fax it to us.