• Electronic Claims

    We contract with the clearinghouses listed below to provide transmission of professional, institutional, and dental claims electronically.

    You may use one of these, or any other clearinghouse. If you use one other than those listed below, your clearinghouse should forward your claims to one of our contracted clearinghouses. To find out more, please contact the clearinghouse directly.

    Our Payor ID number is 93031.

    Some of the benefits you can realize by transmitting claims electronically:

    • Faster reimbursement. By eliminating the time it takes for mailing, internal routing, and data entry, claims are in our system much faster and are in line for payment sooner.
    • Reduced costs. Electronic billing saves your office money by eliminating the cost of forms, postage, and staff time.
    • Maintenance of high claim quality standards. Electronic claims transmittal helps prevent errors and omission of required information, resulting in accurate claims processing.

    These benefits can translate into increased efficiency and productivity, resulting in improved patient relations.

    26 Century Boulevard, Suite 601
    Nashville, TN 37214
    Phone: (615) 885-3700
    Transactions: Professional, institutional, and dental claims

    Gateway EDI
    Phone: (800) 556-2231
    Transactions: Professional and institutional claims

    HeW (Health E-Web) 
    Phone: (877) 565-5457
    Transactions: Professional and institutional claims

    Office Ally
    16703 SE McGillivray Boulevard, Suite 200
    Vancouver , WA 98683
    Phone: (866) 575-4120
    Transactions: Professional and institutional claims

    MCPS, Inc.
    (Medical Claims Processing Solutions, Inc.)
    1722 South Glenstone Suite WW
    Springfield, MO 65804
    Phone: (800) 879-7534
    Email mcp@mcps-inc.com
    (Professional claims only)

    Payer Connection
    Contact: Dean Hill
    12122 SW Breyman Avenue
    Portland, OR 97219
    Phone: (503) 421-4621
    (Professional claims only)

    1564 Northeast Expressway
    Atlanta, GA 30329-2010
    Phone: (866) 735-2963, Option 1
    Transactions: Professional and institutional claims