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    Our Benefit Debit Card has a New Look

    Introducing the Wex Health Debit Card 

    The Benny™ Card now has a new name and look: Wex Health debit card. The card has a fresh, new look that improves its visual alignment with the My.WEXHealthCard.com website. Beyond the visual update, it works the same way and offers the same convenience as the Benny™ Card.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    • Any new cards will be issued in the new, blue format.
    • Anyone with an existing Benny™ Card should continue using that card until it expires. An updated replacement card will be issued approximately two weeks prior to the expiration date, at no cost to the member.
    • If a member reports a card as lost or stolen, the Wex Health debit card will be issued as the replacement card for the standard $10 charge, which will be debited from the member’s account.

    We’ll continue to provide members with information about the Benny™ Card until it ages out. The goal is to help prevent or reduce confusion for our members as we transition from the Benny Card to the Wex Health card.