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  • Choosing the Right Flavor of Flexible Spending Account 

    Vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate? HRE, LFSA, or LSFSA? 

    Before you can choose the right flavor of flexible spending account (FSA) for your business, you’ll need to know how they are different. PacificSource Administrators offers three options under the Health FSA. They are:

    General-Purpose Health FSA

    Also known as the health related expense (HRE) account, it includes eligible medical, dental, orthodontia, vision, and preventive expenses for employees and dependents. Employees that are eligible for the group-sponsored medical insurance, and who are not contributing to a health savings account (HSA), are eligible to enroll in this account.

    Limited-Purpose Health FSA (LFSA)

    The LFSA includes eligible dental, vision, and preventive expenses for employees and dependents. Employees and/or dependents contributing to an HSA would be eligible to elect this plan.

    Limited-Scope Health FSA (LSFSA)

    The LSFSA includes eligible dental and vision for employees and dependents. This option is for employers who want to offer limited coverage for employees when group medical insurance is not offered, or for employees are not eligible for the group-sponsored medical insurance plan (such as part-time workers).

    Why Choose an LFSA or LSFSA?

    Most FSA’s include a general-purpose Health FSA. However, for no additional cost you can add a limited-purpose or limited-scope option at renewal. This will allow more employees to enroll, which means higher tax savings for them and matching tax savings for employers.

    Our FSA Component Chart compares the different components of an FSA account.

    Contact us if you need more information or would like help choosing the right option.


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