• Preauthorization 

    What are Pre-Authorizations and When Do I Need them?

    Your doctor typically handles pre-authorizations for you. Still, it's important to know what pre-authorizations are and how the process works.

    Even though your plan may cover surgery services, you would want to make sure that the specific type of surgery you are having will be covered. Most health insurance plans only cover services that are medically necessary (not for cosmetic or convenience reasons) and also medically appropriate (for example, amputation is not usually the appropriate treatment for a sore arm.) Your doctor can tell us what service they want to provide and we can review it to see if your plan would cover it.

    The following is a list of all the services that we must pre-authorize before we can say whether or not they would be covered by your plan: 


    Note: Not all
    plans use the preauthorization list on this page.

    Contact your benefit manager for a list that’s specific to your plan.