• RFP Guidelines

    New self-funded/ASO business not currently with PacificSource:

    If the client wants only self-funded quotes, please send the RFP directly to PacificSource Administrators, Inc. and we will quote.

    If the client wants both fully insured and self-funded quotes, please send the RFP to both PacificSource and PacificSource Administrators. PacificSource will quote on the fully-insured business and PacificSource Administrators will issue a self-funded quote.

    Groups currently under PacificSource self-funded/ASO contracts:

    Will remain with PacificSource. If your client asks for additional options or flexibility (for example, a different PBM, stop-loss carrier, or PPO network), PacificSource Administrators will issue a proposal.

    Groups under PacificSource fully insured contracts that request self-funded/ASO quotes:

    If the client only wishes to change the funding arrangement, PacificSource will issue a proposal and continue to provide administrative services. If the client is interested in additional flexibility such as unbundling of services, then PacificSource Administrators will issue a proposal.

    To request a proposal from PacificSource Administrators:

    If you would like a proposal, please contact a PacificSource Sales Representative directly. Contact information can be found on our Contact Us page. Or you may mail your request to: PacificSource Administrators, 13010 SW 68th Parkway, Suite 140, Tigard, OR, 97223.

    Please be sure to include all of the information outlined in our RFP Checklist and keep in mind that most stop-loss carriers require ten working days to prepare a stop-loss proposal. Providing your information electronically substantially increases our ability to process your request in a timely fashion.