• Access Your Benefit Debit Card

    Your benefit debit card allows you to access your available balance and recent transactions. 

    The Benny™ Card now has a new name and look: WEX Health debit card. The new blue card has a fresh look that matches the My.WEXHealthCard.com website. Beyond the new look, it still works the same way and offers the same convenience as the Benny™ Card. If you still have a Benny™ Card, you can continue using it until it expires or is replaced with the new card.

    Log into your benefit debit card account via the FSA/HRA portal.

    Have a new card? Get started today!

    Step one: Activate your card. Simply call the number listed on the card sticker and have the following ready:

    • Your 16-digit card number
    • Your unique PSA member ID, which you previously received by mail.

    Step two: After activation, please sign the back of your card. You may begin using your card within one business day after funds have been loaded to the card.


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